“I’M SORRY” – Jake Paul Apology Video To Floyd Mayweather

Jake Paul the popular YouTuber from Ohio has been in the spotlight the past few days.. If you haven’t heard already, he got himself into a little fight with the legendary boxer Floyd Money Mayweather. Jake Paul really made Floyd Mayweather upset with his actions and decided to upload an apology video after things calmed down… but was the apology video serious? Make sure to watch the entire video to see what Jake Paul said in his apology video! It all started during a face to face press conference between Jake Pauls brother Logan Paul and the boxer Floyd Mayweather. Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather are scheduled to fight on June 6th at the hard rock stadium in Miami. But fans gotta a little treat a month before as Floyd showed off some of his boxing skills with Jake Paul at this press conference. Jake Paul has never had a problem with Floyd Mayweather until the press conference. Infact Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather trained together when Jake Paul had his first boxing fight against Deji another popular UK Youtuber. But what made Jake Paul decide to troll Floyd Mayweather? Well it seems that the reason jake Paul picked a fight with Floyd is because Floyd took it too personal with his brother logan paul as he mentioned his past controversy with Japan. It seems like Jake Paul was trying to stick up for his brother for these personal attacks to logan.