Watch: Hwang In Yeop Talks About Food, Songs, Viral Videos, And More He’s Been Into Recently

Hwang In Yeop participated in a “pop quiz” with Marie Claire where he had to pop balloons to read and answer the questions inside of them. Find out what his answers were!

The first question asks what was the best and the worst meal he had during the past week, and he responds, “A week ago, I made tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cake) at home, and it was so good that I made it again another day. But I failed the second one. It didn’t taste good. Next time, I’m thinking of making rosé tteokbokki which is popular these days, but I think I’ll have to master the original tteokbokki first. You like tteokbokki, don’t you?” He adds that he doesn’t put cheese on his tteokbokki because he enjoys spicy food and de-stresses by eating plain, spicy tteokbokki.


Hwang In Yeop then shares which shoes he wore the most often during the past week. He points at his Nike Dunk Low Retro Black sneakers, explaining that he has been wearing them frequently.

As for the songs he’s been listening to recently, he reveals that he listens to Nell’s “Time Walking on Memories,” a song he used to listen to in high school. He also recommends “Freezing” by Bren Joy.

The next question asks which person he has been on the phone with for the longest time the past week, and he answers, “It’s someone I really like, called Kim Hyeok Joon. I’ve been talking to him on the phone a lot. Let’s speak on the phone again soon.” When the staff asks him who this person is, he reveals with a smile, “It’s my manager. I like him a lot.”


Something that made the actor laugh recently was the viral cover of Paul Kim’s “Coffee With Me” by comedian Kim Hae Jun, who takes on the persona of the café owner Choi Joon in his videos. Hwang In Yeop shares that he sometimes does impersonations of Choi Joon.

Hwang In Yeop then explains that he has been wanting to meditate every morning but has been failing because he has a hard time waking up.

Asked to show a photo he took with his phone the past week that he likes the most, he showed two photos: one of the view outside his car on his way to the studio that day and another one of the tteokbokki he made. He explains that he loves cola and drinks at least one can every day.

Wrapping up the interview, he expresses embarrassment at his reactions to the exploding balloons, but he says he enjoyed the interview nonetheless.

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Watch Hwang In Yeop in “True Beauty” below: